Alex is a seasoned developer, solutions architect, designer, and CTO well-versed in the fields of mobile, digital media, data-driven application and two-way platforms.

Taster of craft beer, single-malt Scotch whiskeys and gin.

Often caught in some café with his laptop coding away, cavorting around the tiny streets of Kensington Market, at a music festival soaking up the sound-waves, or at an art show.


This is page consists of random discoveries, musings and things Alex works on, along with some semi-relevant geeky stuff here and there.

About Alex

Just your friendly neighbourhood coding, design, architectural nerd tinkering away on different nerdy things.


Finding balance

Here’s the most cliché of all posts for any entrepreneur – finding a work-life balance. Developing the product roadmap and technical sales for two budding startups leaves me practically little time to do anything else. Finding the time to perform self-care and re-centre becomes more than just a luxury but necessity. Typically on a Friday …


You can contact me at

alexdni [at] gmail [dot] com